Videoanalysis editing software: Coach Paint and KlipDraw

Video editing software plays a key part during review sessions with players and coaches after a match or training session where tactical analysis is discussed in an engaging visual manner. Tools like Coach Paint, or the emerging KlipDraw, are great assets for Performance Analyst when grabbing player and coaches' attentions by visualizing formations, movements on the pitch, tactics and any in-game action that requires analysis.

Some of the key features these software offer are: player cut-out, spotlight, zoom, player tracking, zone tracking, distance measurement, trajectory marking and formation tools. They allow you to import your recorded videos, select the type of graphics and features to apply on them, trim the clips to ensure only highlights and relevant actions are included and export the final video as a standalone video file.

Between Coach Paint and KlipDraw the biggest difference is the license pricing. Coach Paint is a lot more expensive than KlipDraw, with the 'Fundamentals' subscription priced at $100 a month per user. KlipDraw on the other hand only costs $49 for a 6 months subscription, making it a lot more affordable. It is important to note that KlipDraw can only run on a Windows computer.

Both software offer trial periods before purchasing the complete license. It is recommended to try both of them before committing to one to see which one works for your needs.