About S.P.A. Website

Sportperformanceanalysis.com aims to provide a one-stop repository of information about the area of applied performance analytics in sports from the perspective of a Performance Analyst at an elite level. It focuses on generic performance analysis topics of interest but also dives into the details of the technologies, data ecosystems, processes, personal development in sport analysis and common practices in various elite sporting organisations, as well as communicating any new findings and discoveries that arise in this blooming and ever-evolving field.



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Guillermo Martinez-Arastey

Guillermo is a data analyst with extensive experience in applied analytics and data collection & management. Based in London, United Kingdom, he has worked for over 7 years in large technology corporations like Microsoft, Amazon and Expedia. During that time, he optimized business performance through the creation of innovative analytics processes and generated insightful discoveries by developing advanced data collection methods and navigating through large data sets during analysis. Learn more...

His passion for both sports and the use of analysis in performance optimization has led him to create sportperformanceanalysis.com, to share the many topics about the field of performance analysis in sport.




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