An overview of Dartfish, a powerful videoanalysis software

Founded in Switzerland in 1999, Dartfish is a videoanalysis solution that allows analysts to capture, analyse and share videos of training sessions and matches. The software offers tools to capture the footage directly into the platform, tag events real-time, and upload, organize and share the various videos produced. A video is displayed with the match footage on one of the screens with a panel of tags and codes next to it where an analyst is able to visualize instantly key actions identified and underline what the action reveals.



Dartfish offers a complete set of features for analysis in many different sports. Analysts are able to tag, review and edit actions seen in the footage in real-time while continuing to record events that continue to take place. Report creation tools are then used to identify certain patterns in actions in order to sport strengths and weaknesses and better define an athletes or team's strategy. The software is also great for video highlights, with ability to playback and zoom in key actions and add tables, lines and any other shapes into the footage for clear presentations.

While Dartfish has a built-in capture system, it also enables you to import footage from other sources from a wide range of devices. It supports multiple video formats such as Mpeg-4, h.264 and even 4K videos. Their most complete solution also allows you to record video from static IP cameras around a playing ground. Once the video has been captured or imported, the trim and time-shift tool allows you to edit and replay certain parts of the footage before starting to code it.

During video analysis, aside from basic drawing features such as freehand, line, circle, rectangle and arrow, Dartfish allows you to create slowmotion highlights, fast-forward/fast-rewind the less important sections, zoom in relevant parts of the screen and create snapshots of key moments. But it is feature such as their split video analysis when playing to moments simultaneously, as well as the measuring of angles and automatic tracking of trajectories, that make Dartfish standout as a powerful video analysis platform.

Dartfish is a flexibile and adaptable platform as the interface can be modified to each analyst's preferences and needs. An analyst can define his or her own tagging panel by identifying the right keywords to use as tags and assigning them a particular button in the keyboard. Tabs and boxes can also be created with multiple panels for different tagging functions. Tagging can take place either through an imported video or live as the video is being captured.

Once the footage has been imported and tagged completed, Dartfish offers reporting capabilities to analyse the relevant highlights that have taken place. The software summarises frequency and duration data in stats tables and graphs of the different tagged events to provide a quantitative summary of the match or training session. It also allows analysts to apply multi-criteria filters and create various playlists and montages for future reference. All these videos can then be exported or shared via the cloud with coaches and athletes.

The Dartfish software comes in four different packages:

  • Dartfish Mobile for $5 a month
  • Dartfish 360 for $20 a month
  • Dartfish 360 S for $40 a month
  • Dartfish Live S for $70 a month

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